Monday, 16 June 2014


I have completed all my A Level exams and now I have officially finished school! This is maddening but I am exhausted so in many ways I am glad that it is over. However I know I will miss it. Currently I am just resting but this means from now on I have nothing to do. I will coming in to school to help with events and give some of my lovely teachers thank-you cards and presents because they have really pushed me this year and helped me through everything. 

I have thought about looking for a job, but there are some issues. I will be undertaking work experience soon in Central London this summer and I have not recieved the dates yet so I do not want to get a job to then find out that I need a week or two off! I am aware that after July there won't be many jobs left because they will have already been filled but I am sure that I will find something to do. As I am going to study Law at University I can use utilise my spare time by travelling to London and watching court cases. I know that I could do that in other cities including the city that I am from, but it is more fun to travel and I know London quite well. Well I know how to get around efficiently thanks to a tube app - it's literally a lifesaver! So if I am unable to get a job, which will probably be the case then I shall spend my time wisely. I would not mind volunteering in the summer but I know that's when most people volunteer as well and your application can get rejected. 

I am very excited about the future. My school life has been pretty good but like most students they find that school can be a PAIN IN THE A***! One time I was being picked on/ bullied by an older girl in my form and I ended up on this report-thing for swearing at her because she made me feel so bad about myself and I was only 14. Also because there was "no proof" that she was bullying, she got away with it and I was punished for being upset. When I started sixth form there was some struggles but they soon went away. I found a new group of friends that are awesome. Although it was very stressful, sixth form was the best period of my life so far. I was treated with respect and the teachers are more relaxed in sixth form. Of course I had to call them "Sir" or "Miss" and so on, but I could talk to them informally and joke around with them. I could sit and talk to them about anything and they could related. I have never experienced that before as I only liked a few teachers when I was doing my GCSEs. There was more independence, apart from this last year where the sixth formers lost their study leave and that sucked so badly. 

Soon prom is coming up (a few days actually). I am dressing a bit formally because I did not want to purchase another gown. I bought a gown/informal kind of dress for my year 11 prom but this prom I wanted a formal dress that I could wear again at University when on a night out. And now that most of us in year 13 are 18 we are going out in to town after so I wanted something appropriate for that. We are literally in town for our prom so that is great but prom is on a gay night out, which I am cool with :) But the teachers have to still work after prom because prom is on a tuesday so they have the week to get through after. 

Aaaand that's about it x

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