Friday, 5 September 2014

Body Wars

We are not going to get anywhere if we fight amongst each other. Girls are often labelled a lot of negative names and they always have been. There is still the issue of double standards for girls who can’t act like boys without being criticized or labelled. What makes it worse is that girls are labeling one another, which gives guys or even society to keep on labeling them.
Recently I have been seeing “body battles” of where girls mainly are putting up pictures saying, “bones are for dogs”, “real men go for curves!” Also I have seen pictures saying, “No Whales Allowed!” In the comments there are people fighting and saying truly horrible things about people’s bodies. There are many people who state in the comments that everyone is beautiful and that girls should not fight – it is nice to see some decent people. Don’t fight fire with fire because it will make it worse. Just don’t comment or comment something sensible. If your excuse to be mean to someone is that you seen someone else had said something mean then be the bigger person and show that person who is boss by remaining calm and tell them that “beauty is the eye of the beholder.”
Also “real” men will go what they want! Why the hell are we trying to impress men with our bodies? I am not saying that you can’t impress mean with your body but these pictures reinforce the idea that women are just men’s sexual objects, which, in turn gives them an excuse to treat women like crap. After a while little things like these pictures girls put up criticizing other girls bodies become the norm. You don’t see men online stating that women like big d*cks! I haven’t seen any pictures but that other men post put men down which. However girls again post the pictures that put men down in a way as these pictures state that “all girls” want this, this and this.
My point is being yourself is the best thing you can do and be the best you! If you want to lose/gain weight for yourself like health issues or because you want to gain confidence etc. then do it! But please don’t change your body to impress men/women. Find someone who will love you for your mind and not your ass and breasts.
Just be happy because there are people out there who wish they were in your position.


Wednesday, 3 September 2014


I am off to University this month and I am super excited and I feel so ready. I have always wanted to go to University and now the time has arrived to go there are many things I am thinking about. I do miss school. I am lucky to have had good experience at school and I shall miss my friends that I have grown up for the past 7 years. It is hard to think I won’t see that place again although I am sure I will love my University experience much more. I have started to reflect on my past and I have started to really focus on my future. I am very career-focused and I want the best for myself. I have never worked so hard in my life to get my place at University. For at least 3 of my exams I pulled all-nighters before the exam because I could not sleep. I literally studied all day and all night with the occasional 1 hour at nap here and there. At the end of it all I completely exhausted and I celebrated the end of my exams by going to prom, which was fantastic. When results day came on the 14th of August I did not until 6 am and I woke up at 7.30 am. I quickly checked Track on UCAS, which is how students in the UK check if they got in to University. I screamed and then I ran in to my mum’s room when I found out that I had got in to University to do Law. I could not wait to get in to school after that to pick up my grades. School opened at 9 am and the wait was killing me. I wanted to see my grades and see my teachers and thank them! When I finally got in to school around 9.20 ish my teachers looked at my and I knew my grades were grades by the looks on their faces since they were trying so hard to hide their excitement. They followed to the desk and watched me open my results. I swore so many times when I saw my grades and they just laughed! I do love my teachers they are so cool J I got A* A* B. I was only predicted ABB. All them months of work and revision, the exhaustion, the stress, the tears and I had got those results. I was in shock and I still am. It hasn’t hit me yet because it doesn’t feel real in a way.

I have bought some luxury items with my wages because I want to get them now so when I leave my job I will have some spare cash and I will have some luxuries to take to University. At University you don’t get a lot of cash and the cash you get is for your necessities. Although my parents are very willing to help me out, I want to get some stuff like makeup with my money so I don’t feel like I wasting their money on these kinds of items. They are willing to pay for my accommodation and books and luxury items but I just want them to help with necessities. One of the biggest factors that contributed to my exam results was the financial support my parents offered. They paid for any of the books I wanted. They told me to use their login and just order whatever I wanted (in terms of books). I am so grateful for that because I knew lots of people at school who couldn’t do that because their parents could not afford to do that even if the books were second hand. Therefore the fact that I was able to order any book or any resource that I needed whenever I needed really helped me as I could take them to school, away, revise whenever I wanted at home. I could do what I wanted in them like highlight whereas if I had borrowed a book from school, I wouldn’t have been able to do any of that. The school did lend students book but it was just easier to have your own book. I have also sold my books on Amazon for a decent price so I got some money on them. Having the resources and the financial support from your parents are huge factors and they should never be underestimated. To achieve you have to work, work and work! I spent the whole day and whole night revising. I barely ate meals; I just snacked all the time. I revised anywhere I could. I did past papers. I tried to identify patterns and trends from the previous papers but this year the examiners wanted to make it harder than before because A Levels are becoming linear. I didn’t have study leave I had to attend school still but I only came for a few lessons and I just stayed at home for the majority of that period. That really helped because I could revise any subject I wanted whenever I wanted rather than follow my timetable. But when I did go to school I mainly used the time there to see friends and relax which I know sounds bizarre but sometimes they were at school and I would go see them at lunch and then speak to some of my teachers so they could give me some tips for the exam. I lived 10 minutes away from the school so it was worth the trip to see a couple of friends and get a little pep talk from teachers to help comfort you before going back home to revise for 11 hours – give or take an hour.

 While I am writing this I have 24 days left until I officially start University! I am going to have a meal with my closest friends soon and take some pictures to stick up on my wall. Thank God for Facebook because I can nick some photos from there and print them off to put up in my room. I am going to go to Cambridge with my cousin to do some extra shopping for little things like clothes because we did that last year before she was going in to her first year at University. I am planning a trip to Ikea with my mum to buy the main stuff like lamps and storage and all that jazz.
However it doesn’t feel like I am going to University because there are so many things to do and other events that are coming up before I go. This I cannot focus totally on University but I am sure things will come together and they will hit like a tonne of bricks.

I just want to finish this by saying working hard doesn’t mean just putting a few hours and working “hard”. It means being dedicated, spending hours and hours on it and being self-motivated. Keep yourself focussed because no one else can do that for you especially if you are doing something by yourself. Obviously be healthy and make sure you eat and drink lots! But you need to be your own boss and discipline yourself. And if you fail well its never a failure, always a lesson.