Friday, 5 September 2014

Body Wars

We are not going to get anywhere if we fight amongst each other. Girls are often labelled a lot of negative names and they always have been. There is still the issue of double standards for girls who can’t act like boys without being criticized or labelled. What makes it worse is that girls are labeling one another, which gives guys or even society to keep on labeling them.
Recently I have been seeing “body battles” of where girls mainly are putting up pictures saying, “bones are for dogs”, “real men go for curves!” Also I have seen pictures saying, “No Whales Allowed!” In the comments there are people fighting and saying truly horrible things about people’s bodies. There are many people who state in the comments that everyone is beautiful and that girls should not fight – it is nice to see some decent people. Don’t fight fire with fire because it will make it worse. Just don’t comment or comment something sensible. If your excuse to be mean to someone is that you seen someone else had said something mean then be the bigger person and show that person who is boss by remaining calm and tell them that “beauty is the eye of the beholder.”
Also “real” men will go what they want! Why the hell are we trying to impress men with our bodies? I am not saying that you can’t impress mean with your body but these pictures reinforce the idea that women are just men’s sexual objects, which, in turn gives them an excuse to treat women like crap. After a while little things like these pictures girls put up criticizing other girls bodies become the norm. You don’t see men online stating that women like big d*cks! I haven’t seen any pictures but that other men post put men down which. However girls again post the pictures that put men down in a way as these pictures state that “all girls” want this, this and this.
My point is being yourself is the best thing you can do and be the best you! If you want to lose/gain weight for yourself like health issues or because you want to gain confidence etc. then do it! But please don’t change your body to impress men/women. Find someone who will love you for your mind and not your ass and breasts.
Just be happy because there are people out there who wish they were in your position.



  1. Well done! It's so lovely to see a post like this and I'm with you, why do we constantly get told that 'we have to look good' or 'women have to impress men' or that we have to 'dress a certain way to look good' I don't agree with that and I think we should all do what makes us feel good and dress how we want to dress!

    In the end it's all about being happy with your choices and being comfortable in your own skin before trying to impress anyone….once you're happy with yourself and who you are then everything else will fall in to place! :)

    More posts like this hahaha - Sorry for the long comment, just felt like I needed to say yes! I agree with you! :)

    Layla xx

    1. Sorry for not replying sooner Layla! I have been so busy with University. Exactly my point, we should not be defined by anyone's views or our clothes only!
      I am working on more posts like this so it would be lovely to hear your views :)
      Raj xx