Wednesday, 17 December 2014

University Life

This urge to write stems from my recent result my an assignment that I handed in. I am not the greatest student at University if I am being completely honest. I have been finding it very difficult in terms of understanding my course. I do not feel motivated to work hard or put any effort in to any pieces of work. This has led me to feel like I am going to fail thus there is no point trying.

About two weeks ago I handed in this assignment that everyone had three weeks to do. I, being the lazy student that I am, decided to do it the night before. This was one of the most stressful nights I have ever had. The deadline was at 10.30 and I managed to submit my work at 10.27 without a bibliography which was required. 

I started working at midnight and I stayed awake all night working and stressing. I was sitting with friends which was not a good idea as they were quite distracting in a funny way. Anyway I worked like slave all night. My friend came down to help me around eight o'clock in the morning - my saviour - and I managed get a lot done within the last two hours before it had to be submitted. When I had finally submitted my piece of work I felt so relieved. I had l learnt my lesson the hard way, which was to not leave my work to the last minute. I should do little bits at a time to save me from the stress and panic. 

Yesterday morning I received my result. I was expecting a 3rd because I rushed my work and there were people who spent weeks on doing this essay. I got a text from a friend asking me what I had got so I checked. I was so surprised to see that I had achieved a 2:1 for my work. I was so happy and surprised that I screamed and ran down to tell my parents. This may seem lame but I literally was in shock. I thought to myself that if I could conjure up an essay like that in ten hours, imagine what I could have achieved if I spent time on it. In all honesty I do prefer working under pressure because that is when I usually produce my best work. 

This result has given me a boost in confidence in my ability. It was what I needed and now I feel like I have a shot of doing alright in the exams in January. I just need to keep my focus and believe in myself. That is an invaluable asset which used right can be anyone's best friend and best weapon. 

I went in to school to go see some teachers and I told them about the result and they told me that sometimes you produce your best work when you do your work last minute. Nevertheless this does not alway happen. This time I was just lucky but I am very grateful that I got away with it this time because I would have honestly felt down if I received a low grade despite my expectations. 

I don't know. Maybe this is a sign for me to pick up my game and start focussing. The coursework accounted for 30% of my grade and the exam accounts for 70% so the exam is crucial. The coursework, however, has given me drive to push harder and try to achieve a higher mark in my exams. 

I don't know what the moral is here, but do not leave everything down to chance. I genuinely think I was lucky this time round but luck will not have always have my back. Hard work does pay off and I need to learn how to organise my time so my work way before the deadline so I can then feel relaxed and improve bits if I have to etc. It is all about priorities and organising them is harder than it looks, especially if there is no one there to guide you.